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My trip
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Date:2005-09-26 12:19
Subject:question thingy

I need material so here goes. I stole this from Amy...

1. How tall are you? 6'
2. Do you own a gun? yes, BB
3. Rehab? Counseling? been to counseling
4. Have you ever killed an animal? yes
5. Are you Irish? yes
6. What do you think of hot dogs? love them with chili on them
7. What's your favorite Christmas song? "I Celebrate The Day"
8. What is your favorite smell? anything that brings back memories
9. What do you prefer/need to drink in the morning? sweet tea
10. Do you do push ups? only to impress
11. Have you ever done ecstasy? no
12. Have you been shot? yes - by a BB gun and paintball gun
13. Have you ever been hospitalized? yes
14. Do you like pain killers? yes but I try to avoid them - too addictive
15. What is your secret weapon to lure in your preferred sex? passing gas
16. Do you own a knife? yes, many knives
17. Do you have A.D.D? I'm sorry... what?
18. Do you love the pain a tattoo brings? only the pain of seeing someone else's stupid one.
19. Name Five Drinks You Regularly Drink: tea, water, coke, chocolate milk, gatorade
20. What's In Your CD Player? nothing - I have an Ipod
21. Who is your best friend? Ken and the guys from my men's group
22. What's Under Your Bed? monsters
23. Current Hair? long and shaggy
24. What are you wearing? jeans and a polo
25. Current Worry? church stuff
26. Current Love? I'm married to her
27. Current Hate? my various moods
28. Favorite Place To Be? fishing with my brother or on a trip with my family
29. Least Favorite Place? doctor's office
30. If You Could Play an Instrument(that you don't already play)? piano
31. Favorite Colors? hunter green, red
32. Person From Your Past You Wish You Could be with Right Now? my grandfather
33. Where Would You Like To Go? Africa
34. Where do you want to live? I like it here, but mars might be fun
35. Favorite food? steak
36. Color of most clothes you own? various, denim
37. Number of pillows you sleep with? 2
38. What do you wear when you go to sleep? undies
39. What were you doing 12AM last night? watching football
40. What do you think you'll be doing in 10 years? leading worship somewhere
41. Are you paranoid? why? Whose asking!
42. First piercing/tattoo? left ear
43. Last person you yelled at? probably myself
44. Latest crush? orange
45. Last thing you ate? strawberry frosted pop-tart
46. If you could be a pirate, would you? only for the swashbuckling skills
47. Do you have an iPod? yes
49. What's in your pockets right now? a refund from Radio Shack and a toothpick wrapper
50. What color are your bedroom walls? cream I think
51. Last thing that made you laugh? a line from "Golden Girls" (my wife watches it...)
52. Any pets now? Teddy (dog)
53. Inny or an outty? way inny
54. Do you have any piercings? just the one
55. If you were a crayon what color would you be? mystery color
56. Have you ever won any awards? yes - scholastic and athletic
57. How many TV's do you have in your house? 6 and a portable
58. Have you ever sprained/broken/fractured a bone or gotten stitches? broken finger, stitches all over
59. Who do you tell your dreams to? God
60. If you could pick one person to make out with who would it be? my hot wife
61. What do you think of the person who posted this before you? she's cool and talented and a great friend
62. Screen Name? journeyman1
63. Whats your middle Name? Shawn
64. What time is it EXACTLY? 12:48 and 31 seconds

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Date:2005-09-26 12:03
Subject:just an update
Mood: thoughtful

It's been a while. I'm not even sure what to write. Things are pretty much carrying on as usual. Abby is so much like me it's scary. I had to get on to her for getting mad everytime she got out in 4-square. I have always gotten too into competition myself and I also struggle with anger. I know that God is teaching me many things to help me grow in this area, I just hate to see Abby have to deal with it. My dad wasn't around when I was little to help me learn how to deal with an "extreme" personality, so I hope I can help Abby while she is young. She turns 7 on Friday. We have redone her room for her, most specifically, we painted her floor in black and white checkerboard pattern. It turned out nice but with much too much effort.
Finances are in pretty bad shape at church right now. I hope we can communicate well enough to our church family to get things under control. We all need to share the burden. Well, I got work to do...

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Date:2005-08-31 12:50

OK, so it has been too long since I wrote anything in this. OK, who cares anyway, right. It must say something about vanity to do the livejournal thing. I mean why else would you want people to read the crap in your "diary" anyway. Well, the last couple days have been moody for me. I swear I must be a woman or something. I get in these funks sometimes. Anyway, I have been spending a lot of time in prayer and listening to worship music to keep things in prespective and stand close to God like a little kid hanging on his mommy's skirt. I am realizing all the time that me having anything to offer God is like trying to build a sand castle in a pool of peanut butter. I feel like my pockets are sticking out and I am looking up at God with a ball of lint in my hand. I guess this is the best place for me to be. I can do nothing without God. I was angry at Him yesterday for allowing me to have a bad day after I prayed for him to help me with my anger. But then I slowly began to realize that He was putting me in situations in which to help me through. Once I started watching for Him I saw him everywhere - in annoying situation after annoying situation - and wouldn't you know it, I was listening to Psalms on my I-Pod and that verse "in your anger do not sin" came up. God thing. Well, I know He is there. That's what I need to know the most. Well, I gotta get some lunch.

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Date:2005-07-26 14:21
Subject:back from Chile

Wow!! What an awesome trip to Chile. I so do not have the time to tell of all our adventures and workings of God. I WILL say that God moved in me especially while there. I was convicted in the area of generosity when the offering plate was passed and I had forgotten to bring money to the service. I patted a pocket looking for something and a Chileno friend who didn't have much quickly reached into his pocket and gave me some money to put in. I was reminded of the importance of Christian love in my relationships through the soft heart of Humberto - a new brother of mine. We wept together as we said goodbye. I was inexplicably touched by the Spirit of God through our conversations. He was touched by one of my songs and is going to translate it into Spanish. I look forward to hearing it that way. I witnessed the work of God in the life of my close friend, Ken, as he relied on God to help him create an amazing 15' by 6' work of art on a wall of the ministry center in less than 10 days. To all those who may actually read my journal, don't ever forget the beauty of intimacy with the One who died for you. He leaves you speechless and exhilarated as if by a mind-altering drug. He touched me in such a way while in Santiago. I think he doesn't allow us to feel His presence in this way as often simply because we can't handle it. I have had times in my life where I have left the complete joy of friendship with God, but it tastes so good it always brings me back. I can't live without it. As I think about this trip, I feel moved to remind those who have left God to come back. I know that there are those who used to be in my youth groups who have walked away from their faith and may have forgotten how good it is. Some memories with you flood my mind even as I type. My brother is also one of these bittersweet memories. Someone special to me once said in reference to the flood of worshipping voices, "Do you hear the angels?" Do we still bask in the glow of God's presence? Forgive me when I seek to duplicate that joy through some cheap imitation that the world offers. May I never forget...

A song began playing as I wrapped up this entry. I believe it was given to me from God. It goes like this:
"I am thine O Lord. I have heard Your voice and it told Your love to me. I long to rise in the arms of faith, and be closer drawn to Thee. Draw me nearer to the cross where Thou hast died. Draw me nearer to Your precious bleeding side."

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Date:2005-07-15 09:35

I am in Santiago, Chile!!!! We have been here since July 12th and it is awesome. We woke up to an awesome view of the Andes this morning. Usually smog prevents this. We have helped in two English classes so far: one in the school with teens and one here at the ministry center. We have met some great people, some from the states (interns, etc.), some from Chile. My Spanish is improving un poquito (a little). The interns are Becky and Evi. Becky graduated from CBC(CCU) and Evi lives in San Diego and has graduated. Becky speaks Spanish very well. Becky is outgoing and Evi is a little more quiet, but both are very nice. James and Katie are doing 2-year or so stints here and are both cool as well. Katie is a lot like Jenni Snyder. Luis is hilarious and speaks English well. More later... I must go.

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Date:2005-04-21 11:12

Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English

15% Dixie

5% Midwestern

5% Upper Midwestern

5% Yankee

Taken from Aimee...

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Date:2005-03-08 09:35
Subject:mens retreat
Mood: cheerful

Mens retreat was awesome! I really needed that. We had and awesome time. Ken, Brad, Keith, Richard S., Richard G., Tommy, Tim S., Tim P., and me were there. We threw tomahawks, played volleyball and I pulled a thousand muscles playing dodgeball. It was great though. Friday night, Ken and I went out and laid on the dock and star gazed. It was a pretty clear night and with the binoculars we could see 4 of jupiters moons. Brad came out later. We probably didn't get to bed until after 1 or so. The speaker was awesome - Ron Lewis from Texas. He is from a church I interviewed at about 6 years ago - Cyfair Christian in Texas. He will be back next year. Missed lacey and crystal Sunday. Don't forget the Tree 63 concert this Sunday night.

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Date:2005-02-21 11:41
Subject:The Future...
Mood: At the mercy of the clock

I don't really know what to write today. I have a lot going on: taxes, Chile, lessons, worship stuff, Tree 63 promotion, Middle School Leadership Night, etc. I really need a right-hand guy again like James was. I dread the graduating of so many people. I will miss their presence in the youth group. We really need to work on mentoring the next crew to take over the student-led ministries. I would like to see more effort in these even now. I am thinking maybe I will alot 15-20 minutes on certain Wednesday nights for the members of each group to meet and organize their goals and give members stuff to work on, etc. I was reading in Malachi about how God was angry with the Jews for giving half-hearted efforts to Him. I really want to offer God my best - from lesson planning to events to worship, etc. It "feels" so much better to do it right, too.
Anyway, it was nice seeing Rhonda the other night. I didn't really get to talk to her much because we were all watching Napoleon. I'm glad she was there, though. I pray for her. I still know God can use her heart in awesome ways. I talked to Miranda about doing something with us. I haven't gotten to talk with her much lately, either. She will be moving on soon, too. Abby lost two teeth in the same day. She is growing up fast. Wyatt too. To Time: SLOW DOWN!

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Date:2005-02-15 10:58
Subject:impact weekend 2
Mood: somewhat stressed

It finally happened! We went undefeated at Impact. Game 1: 22-0, Game 2: 58-0, Game 3: 34-0, Game 4: 36-12. Everybody got to play a lot and did well. I chose to sit out a lot and was glad I did. No injuries! If Lacey reads this - I hope you had a happy birthday. This Sunday is our church picnic at LACC. I hope you all come! It's always a good time. I have to work on my drain field this week. Blecgh! I missed my men's group this last Friday and am looking forward to it this week. It looks like Chile is going to cost around $1100 or so per person. Not final yet but about that. We really need to get going on more fundraisers. I need help with it for sure. Hopefully I will get some volunteers. Rhonda come see us when you are in town! All for now...

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Date:2005-02-11 00:39
Subject:impact weekend
Mood: cheerful

I am at Cory's apartment with some boys from the youth group at FCC. We are fixin' to go to bed but they are all playing halo 2 right now. The girls are staying at Jennifer Wooley's apt. I figure we will have a good share of losses tomorrow but it's all good. Things are looking good for Chile this summer. It will be winter there and that will be a nice change. Cory bought food and stuff for everybody and is being really helpful as a sponsor and helped to get Jennifer's help. I am proud of him . Well, I am really going to try and play very little tomorrow. I am tired of getting hurt. Good night all...

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Date:2005-02-06 20:54
Mood: lethargic

Well, Chile is looking like a good possibility for our missions trip. I am excited to hear more. I got my replacement dvd writer for my pc. Time to make copies of stuff again. Impact is this weekend. Cory is gonna help as a sponsor. I would really like to get a female sponsor though, too. Connie was gonna but can't now. My computer is about to lose it's battery, so time to wrap it up...

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Date:2005-01-31 10:37
Mood: cranky

Another mONDAY. I thought Chad's worship time went well yesterday. Ken did good, too. Impact is coming soon and now I think I need a female sponsor. Connie has no one going. I am angry at my laptop. It's DVD writer quit working. So how I am I supposed to make copies of Napoleon for people and such? I called the tech people and I have to reformat the whole hard drive before they will admit that they need to replace the drive. I hate that. My in-laws are coming soon for about a month. It really isn't bad as it sounds. The kids will get spoiled though. If Rhonda reads this, post something. I haven't heard from my oldest "daughter" in a while. time to put a smile on...

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Date:2005-01-24 11:22
Mood: blah

Well. it's a monday - blechgh! The word doesn't deserve to be capitalized. Everybody in the house is still recuperating from some sort of sickliness. We practiced for Impact yesterday and poor Shon messed his ankle up nastily. The doctor says it isn't broken and thinks it isn't too bad though. I am preaching this coming Sunday and am a bit nervous. The message is done though, which is a little weird in itself. It is one I preached in teen church and Tim Paul thought I should do it in BIG church. I am going to, but I feel wierd saying the same thing to the teens tht I did a few weeks ago. Oh, well, they probably won't remember anyway. JK. they'd better remember! Missed seeing Lacey yesterday at church. Miranda too. Courtney and Quetsey too - where the heck have they been? Well, time to work...

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Date:2005-01-19 09:24
Subject:sick kids
Mood: stressed

Well, what a fun last couple of days! Wyatt has a throat and ear infection, Abby gets diagnosed with asthma just like Wyatt, and she has a touch of pneumonia. I think they are on the road to recovery though. I finished laying the wood in my hall - just have to do the trim... OK, Im back. I was on hold and finally the lady came on and I'm done now. Why can't you actually talk to a person when you call about something? Gotta mail the impact stuff off today. Looks like connie's group will have four or so going with us. Should be fun... OK, Im back again. Phone call from some youth ministry organization trying to sell me something. These people are as pushy as telemarketers sometimes. ughhhhh. Ok, anyways (NEways as lacey would say - took me a second to figure that one out) today should be busy as I try to catch up on what I missed when the kids were sick. Everybodies lazy this week with their posts. Let's go people! Hit that keyboard! Wait, do your devo's first! I'm watching you...

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Date:2005-01-13 10:23
Mood: tired

The Abby story part 2:

...so anyway there I was staring at the box. It had 2 tubes coming out of the top. One was short and cut off at the end and the other one was leading up to this large vat of some kind. I knew this must be the real treasure.
I took that fateful step into the pit of vipers. I moved slowly until a large mamba struck out at me. I caught it by the neck at the last second to see the gleam in its eye and the venom dripping from its fang. I threw it and moved on toward the treasure. As I approached the safety of the rock, ever so carefully wading through snakes, two rattlers came at me from either side. I knew I couldn't stop them both. I lunged forward and rolled across the rock. The two snakes just missed me striking each other in a furious death roll.
Here I was ready to peer inside the chest when my heart sank. It was locked! As I paused to think I noticed the lock had a familiar shape. In an instant I knew! I pulled out the odd shaped coin and sure enough it matched! With a simple turn and a soft "click", the chest creaked open. I lifted the lid and there was the most beautiful treasure I had ever seen!
It was a little baby girl wrapped in silk. She smiled at me and had the most beautiful red hair. But just then the room began to shrink! No, it wasn't shrinking the rock I was on was rising toward the ceiling of the cavern! I had triggered some sort of trap. I had to think fast. As we slowly approached the ceiling, I noticed that there was a stream of water flowing out of the corner of the cave. It was my only chance. I put the little baby in a water tight pouch in my suit which had a small space for only a few short breaths. I ran and leapt toward the water as I took one last breath.
The current was so strong it immediately swept us into complete underwater darkness. This would be it. The end. Then I saw a glint of light above and just as I thought my lungs would burst I broke the surface of the water gulping in the air. We were in the ocean again. I quickly opened my jacket and pulled the little girl out. Much to my relief she said "goo goo dlo kwe rog." That was baby talk for "I'm fine." It was only then that I heard the whirr of chopper blades. It was the Seals! As we flew back towards home I said to myself: "Abby - yeah, Abby. That's what we'll call her." And I knew Marlena would love this little treasure as much as me. The end.

OK, I know not all the facts work out but it's a story for a six-year-old. She liked it. Well I gotta get back to work on my message for Sunday.

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Date:2005-01-12 10:26
Mood: stupid

Getting ready to party tonight at youth group. We're talking about celebrating God. Well, starting February 13th I will be leading worship again. I love worshipping but I am a little nervous about leading this time around. I want to avoid comparisons. It should just be about God. But I get stage anxiety, especially trying to maintain a level of musical excellence that Matt has worked on. I really want to utilize everyone in the planning, etc. I hope God makes it work. Oh, wait I'm getting boring again...

I know I'll tell a story that I told Abby about where she came from.
OK, here goes...

"Quite a few years ago just after I got out of the marines, I decided to join the Navy Seals. They are this elite group of fighting men that jumps out of choppers into the ocean in the dead of night. Well, we were on our first assignment when the weather began to grow violent. The chopper was called back to base but the wind continued to rock us this way and that. Before we could make it back, a huge swell and gust worked together to throw me from the chopper and into the icy water. It was too dark and I had been swept away too far. The pilot had no choice but to leave me. So there I was in complete darkness in the middle of the ocean. I had fought so hard to stay above the waves during the storm that I was completely exhausted by dawn. I was ready to give up and sink when I spotted some rocks and what appeared to be a cave in the distance. I swam into the first opening I could find and pulled myself up onto the soft mud floor of the cave. After succumbing to my drowsiness I awoke a few hours later. I noticed out of the corner of my eye an old document sticking out of a small crevice in the rocks. I winced as I pulled it out noticing the small bones of what was once a human hand still grasping it. As I carefully unfolded it I realized that it must be a map of some sort. Then I noticed some text at the bottom dictating directions for the holder to a large red "X" on the map. It was signed "Captain Kidd". I had heard that there was some great treasure that the famous pirate had kept hidden in these parts, but a chill ran down my spine as I realized that the map was of this very cave. What great treasure could be hidden here? I started following the directions. "20 paces forward, 5 paces to the left, 10 more forward, 5 to the right and then 30 backward. Oh yeah, one more - 1 more step to the right... AAHHHHHH! I began sliding down a mud water slide into the darkness. I landing with a chink. A Chink? What had I landed on? I regained my wits and lit a flare torch from my gear. I was sitting atop a huge mound of jewels and coins. It was immediately that I noticed an unusually shaped gold coin. I thoughtfully slipped it into my pocket, yet I was still plagued by the thought that there must be a treasure greater still here. Something worth more than gold or diamonds. My thoughts were interrupted by what I saw. on the other side of the mound I noticed a huge pit, except it was wriggling. When my eyes adjusted I realized it was a huge pit of snakes. But, perched on a rock in the middle of the pit was a large box that resembled a chest. My curiosity grew as I noticed what was attached to the box..."

OK, I have to get some work done. I'll finish the story later...

Quote of the day: "Can you come get your crap out of my locker? I can't fit my numchucks in there."

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Date:2005-01-11 10:40
Subject:This one gang wanted me because I'm good with a bow staff...
Mood: touched

How nice to get replies!! It means someone really does care! Sniff-sniff. jk. Today I am working on teen church message and going with Roy to check out a retreat facility. A couple good movies out today: "W/out a paddle" & "the village" (haven't seen it yet but I like M. Night Shyamalan stuff. Signed Abby up for T-ball the other day. She wanted to play again but when we went to sign her up she said she changed her mind. She just thinks she forgot the rules and hasn't practiced, etc. I am making her do it anyway. I'm sooo mean. She'll thank me later. Putting the rest of the floor down this week (hardwood) in the hall. You know I just realized how boring my LJ must be to anyone under 30. I gotta figure out how to spice it up. Maybe I should tell stories or something. Anyway, all for now...

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Date:2005-01-06 10:04
Mood: mixed

I just saw Napoleon Dynamite after church last night. Awesome! reminds me too much of high school...
Well, God really seems to be leading somewhere with this short term missions trip thing. Tim, Lela, Ken, Bryan, Eric, and my brother-in-law all want to be involved. Maybe even Aimee. I sent an e-mail to a contact in India, 50 miles from where the tsunami hit to find out what possibilities may be there. Still exploring Chile and Honduras too. Still going to have a meeting Jan. 16 after church with those who want to help. I had an awesome talk with Ken last night. I am trying to figure out this whole "I want to make a CD of my stuff" thing going on in my head. Am I looking for approval only or does God have a hand in this desire? should I scrap the idea and see if doors open anyway? Whatever, anyway I got stuff to do.

P.S. - GAME OF THE WEEK: Tiger Woods PGA Tour for Nintendo DS

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Date:2004-12-13 11:41
Mood: contemplative

Well, Christmas is almost here. I have gotten most of my gifts so far. All of Marlena's and I may have 1 each to get Abby and Wyatt. Saw a good movie last night. National Treasure. I really like historical stuff anyway. My latest thoughts are occupied by the possibility of doing our own mission trip next summer. We are thinking maybe England or Chile. Ken and Eric and my brother in law are wanting to be involved and maybe Bryan. I hope it works out. I have also been wanting to do a recording project of my best songs. I would like to get my brother-in-law involved in it. Chad just released his independent project and it is really getting me fired up to get moving on mine. all for now...

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Date:2004-10-25 16:49

This is my first entry. I just finished a guitar lesson with James. He really is getting better. I don't imagine anyone will read this, but if you do - post something. I am about to go home - I have to put in laminate flooring in my sons' room. Saw George W. on Saturday. It was awesome. I was about 20 feet from him. People may have complaints but at least he knows what he is for and against - unlike Kerry who would kiss anyone's you know what to be liked. I am praying hard that people vote smart. All for now...

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